Core Collection
This collection consists of a collection of designs which can be constantly „made to order” in a variety of our fabric and color options. Each fabric, color and size option is listed and described under each listing, which you choose in your order and then the garment is made.

The Njur Core Collection is a new concept we have introduced in our brand from Fall 2020.
The main idea was to merge sustainability and craftsmanship by offering a baseline of timeless designs, which are available beyond season, in a variety of fabrics and colors.
To reduce our impact on the environment by reducing pre production quantities and to ensure an even higher level of quality and craftsmanship we decided to make our designs „made to order” and create all our designs in our atelier.

This has been a project we have worked on passionately. Months of work on refining our patterns and cuts, preparing our atelier, as well as corresponding with many textile producers, who would be excited to work on smaller production orders, have gone into this concept. We still work with one of the most talented pattern makers in Poland. We work with textile producers from the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and France. All other components for our designs are produced in Poland. All garments are made in our small atelier by hand, traditionally.
We really hope you appreciate all the love that goes into our original pieces and feel the joy of wearing something so niche. To learn more about our vision and story please visit our ABOUT US page.

Natalie Radomski