Our brand
In 2017, Natalie Radomski, a women'swear fashion graduate, launched the brand Njur Design. An artisan, fashion design studio established in Warsaw, Poland. Natalie approaches the design concept with the idea of creating simple, versatile pieces which are unique in their thoughtful consideration of cut, fabric choice and concept of curating a collection of basic pieces that can be worn beyond trend or season.

The design
Both the artistic aspects as well as the constructive are equally important. Our aesthetic is beyond season or trend, inspired by a simple yet unique style that can be adopted into any wardrobe. We are inspired by the thoughtful woman who curates her own refined sense of style and identity. 

What you will find here

Carefully crafted, original designs created intentionally as limited edition clothing collections with one-of-a-kind, versatile pieces for the unique, thoughtful woman who dresses for everyday life. Quality, comfort and sustainability above all. All our collections are made from European sourced, high quality, natural fabrics and sewn locally or in our studio, minimizing the carbon footprint and ensuring that our pieces are made ethically.

We believe that the only thing you can do better than others, is being yourself. Njur Design is a standard of „femininity” based on embracing being a woman for ourselves.

A look through our studio door

About us
  • Njur Design works in seasonal capsule collections that can be worn beyond seasons.
  • It starts with a conceptual vision of the collection's story. Our garments are inspired by the world and the woman who wears them.
  • Each design is carefully crafted. Pattern making is done in our studio by Natalie with the assistance of one of Poland's most talented pattern craftswoman.
  • When choosing our fabrics we consider only natural compositions from small, European manufacturers. We intentionally choose natural, high quality, durable fabrics with longevity and practicality in mind.
  • Each piece has carefully considered finishes so that each garment looks great both inside and out.
  • All collections are sewn in our studio or in a local sewing workshop, with whom we have been cooperating with from the beginning. This way we guarantee full supervision and can commit that our makers are being paid fair wages and treated with deserved respect. This work ethic minimizes the carbon footprint of our brand and ensures that our garments are made ethically. 
  • We photograph our collections mainly on our own, intentionally casting women we know as our muses, to spread our idea that any woman can wear our designs.