About us
Our brand
Njur Design is an artisan, fashion design studio established in Warsaw, Poland. For me, as a designer, it all started in the hot, sunny lands of my childhood. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and escaping the vast desert with my imagination helped me explore a completely different world full of shapes and colors. As a small girl I would spend my afternoons drawing and helping my mother with her crafts. Years later and half way across the world I formed a „slow-fashion” brand Njur, which merges all the things I find in the world beautiful within my garments, which I make myself, by hand in my studio. Each piece is created in my imagination and is a story about my favorite things. Sometimes it can be about a color which brings to mind a lovely memory, or the texture, which reminds me of flower petals, but it's always something beautiful. I would love to tell you all those stories, but for that I leave the story telling to my garments…
The word Njur is a collection of all my initials.
What we love
Spending each day exceptionally special, that's why I see these designs styled in every way, so that they fit best to you and your favorite things...
What we believe
Creating consciously and ethically. Quality and timeless design. Slow and conscious consumerism.

Our obsessions & admirations
There's nothing I am more obsessed about than all the small little details you can find in a well crafted design. Things surround us everyday and there is so much appreciation when these things function well, are thought out and executed to serve their purpose and age with dignity. I admire those small details that someone thought out for you, to make something you use so much better. Sometimes the overlooked beauty of a thing is in the inside. That is why you can always find in a Njur garment attention to every detail. Quality fabrics that gain a beautiful patina, a small finishing touch as an inconspicuous decorative detail to look good when your garment might show the inside. Those carefully designed details makes designing so exciting and to see such quality solutions makes handling such a thing so much more more pleasant…
The design
My education has both been in architecture and fashion design. Both the artistic aspects as well as the constructive are equally important. I am an architect of the designs, a builder of the patterns and an artist of the senses of texture and color. Being a woman, surrounded by unreal garment standards has taught me to understand how to construct a garment for it to shape our silhouettes and fit everywhere we need it. In the end, the construction makes up 90% of the look. I make a prototype of each design and check the fit. If it fits me, i believe it will fit you to.
About us

About us
What you will find here
Carefully crafted, original designs, handmade, limited edition clothing collections with one-of-a-kind, versatile pieces for the unique, dreamy woman who dresses everyday for life. Quality and comfort above all.
We believe that the only thing you can do better than others, is being yourself. Njur is a standard of „femininity” based on a concept: „I will never be that girl”, embracing being a woman for ourselves and not others.
Our dreams
One day I hope to have my own little shop, either that, or move my studio onto a beautiful seaside terrace... Ever since I was little and with my mother visited all the gorgeous, small boutiques in California, with wide eyes and dreamy stares I wished to one day have a simple, slow life, just like that, with a small, beautiful shop, where I could create and showcase my work and show you how I make my things, chat about all the beautiful things we've seen with you… Until then, you can sometimes see me on local Fashion Markets/Fairs, and of coarse we can always chat on social media!.

A look through our studio door

About us
  • It starts with a conceptiual vision of the story.
  • Then the designs flow within the story's character.
  • Each design is given a name of a location or phenomenon.
  • Once the main pieces are chosen the pattern making begins.
  • Each pattern is then made into a prototype to test the fit.
  • Once the designs are final the journey for finding the right fabric begins.
  • After the fabrics are chosen the true sewing begins.
  • Each piece is made in the Warsaw studio. Many pieces are finished with hand stitching to give the attention to detail we admire.
  • Then we find a dreamy place to photograph the garments.
  • Once they get chosen by you, we do our best so that you can open a little dream in a box…